Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Following is About Mayor Villaraigosa's June Trip to Israel

It is not anti-Israel, but in these hard economic times, some think it's a waste of taxpayers' money for city officials to go anywhere.

GI Bill and College

After WWII, the GI Bill was enacted by the US Government in order to financially help returning war veterans received a college education. Nowadays, returning vets from the Iraq War are finding hard to make ends meet whether they are being helped by the GI Bill or not.

Rising Prices in General in Los Angeles are Taking Their Toll on Many Angelenos

High School Football Player Shot to Death in Sun Valley

Man Shot to Death in Van Nuys

Fire Partially Destroys Universal Studios

As seen by an eye-witness - me!

Billowing black smoke covered a good section of the San Fernando Valley where the studios are located. At first, I thought they were rain clouds. Following the trail of the smoke, one could see that part of the studio back lot was literally covered with thick black smoke. It was surreal. That part of the lot made to look like "New York" was totally detroyed. Full story below.