Saturday, August 16, 2008

Convicted Sex Offender on Loose in the San Fernando Valley

Jamiel's Law: LA's Fight Against "Foreign" Gang Members

Brush Fires in Griffith Park

Another Elderly Woman robbed in Santa Monica,0,3113702.story

Armed Man Injured in Police Standoff in Pasadena,0,485311.story

Tagger Dispute,0,2731866.column

Man Arrested In Laguna Beach in Child Sex Sting,0,1748823.story

Neighborhood Dispute Ends in Murder,0,4538245.story

Hollywood Actor Pleads Not Guilty to Attempted Murder,0,3870190.story

Big Rig Hijacked in Long Beach,0,3230860.story

Gang Member Arrested For Stealing an FBI Van,0,5388959.story

Gang Member Found Dead in San Clemente Park,0,2728363.story

A Sagging Economy Causing Cutback in Hours at Government Jobs; DMV Workers Stage Massive Protest,0,6762662.story

Another Deadly Car Crash After a Police Chase,0,7193884.story

Two Charred Bodies Found at Fire Site,0,1839658.story