Monday, February 18, 2008

Pasadena Church Hosts a Pro-Palestinian Anti-Semitic Conference Creating Tensions Between Local Christians and Jews

The Recent Murder at an Oxnard Junior High School Was Due To Homophobia,8599,1714214,00.html

According to one Critic, There are No Oscar-Worthy Films This Year

Security Company President and Employee Indicted of Conspiracy and an Attempt to Carry a Firearm on an Aircraft

Cyber Pranksters

Coming on the heels of the deadly shooting incident in Winnetka, a new phenomenon is occurring - cyber users notifying the LAPD SWAT teams in Southern California of a tragedy taking place - and it's all a joke. Sometimes, the cyber users don't even live in California.

Refugees From Last Year's Wildfires Still Have No Homes

'Turf War' in LA City Hall Over How to Deal With Gangs

Police Investigating Two Shootings, One of Which Might be Gang-Related

LAX Evacuated Over a Suspected Terrorist Threat

USDA Recalls 143 Million Pounds of Tainted Beef,0,4428760.story

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LAPD Accused of Failing to Investigate Complaints Against its Officers

Spies for China

Below is part of an article that appeared in regarding a Southern California resident being one of four who were arrested on charges of spying for China.---------

A second case involving China included the arrest yesterday in California of a former Boeing engineer who was indicted on charges of economic espionage and acting as an unregistered Chinese agent.

Dongfan "Greg" Chung, 72, of Orange, Calif., was a former Rockwell International engineer until the company was bought by Boeing in 1996. A naturalized U.S. citizen, Mr. Chung held a secret clearance and worked at Rockwell and Boeing facilities in Downy, Calif., and Huntington Beach, Calif., respectively, court papers show.

He is charged with providing Boeing proprietary information on the space shuttle and U.S. military aircraft and helicopters to China beginning in 2002.

The Foreclosure Crisis Also Affects Renters,1,5617710.column

Director Spielberg Quits Olympics

Steven Spielberg has quit his position of artistic director of the Beijing Olympics because of the Chinese support of the Sudanese government over its policy of ethnic cleansing in Darfur. Apparently, he was under pressure from other Hollywood celebrities.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

50 Arrested in Child Care Fraud

Man Kills His Entire Family and a Police Officer

A day after a college student was kidnapped in Woodland Hills leading to a manhunt by the LAPD (I was wondering why all the main roads leading to Woodland Hills were cordoned off), a man in neighboring Winnetka killed his entire family and a member of the LAPD SWAT team this morning. In a radio interview, LA Coucilman Dennis Zine, himself a 40 year veteran of the LAPD and a founder of the SWAT team, was near tears on hearing of the officer's death.

Aurthorities Step Up Raid Against Illegal Immigrants

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Unease In and Around Hollywood

Will there be an Oscars ceremony this year, or will go the way of the Golden Globes and be cancelled? As of this writing, no one knows the answer to that. But local businesses that rely on the high volume of work generated by the Oscars are, understandably, anxious.

Bacteria at Local Beaches

The recent rains have caused unhealthful runoff into the ocean causing a high count of bacteria. A "rain advisory" remains in effect.

Confusion at Local Voting Booths,0,5537347.story

Orange County: A Beating Death of a Jail Inmate and the next OC Sheriff

Block Party Turns Into a Riot

Police tried to break up a block party on 30th St. but the party-goers refused to leave. Consequently, things got ugly. My thanks to Susan Laufer of Princeton NJ for providing me with this article.

Monday, February 4, 2008

No Happy Ending to the Writers Strike?

Hollywood writers may not find a very friendly atmosphere in the studios they work for should the strike end soon.

Two Shot at Hollywood Nightclub

Tenants and Landlords Fight Sex Offenders

A public safety plan was proposed to allow landlords and tenants to report any suspicious behavior. This will tend to crack down on sex offenders.

Threats Against the Church of Scientology,1,4813130.story

Alhambra Teenager Latest Victim of Racial Violence in Monrovia

Gang Arrests in Moreno Valley

Gang Leader Accused of Exporting Drugs from LA to Tenessee Goes on Trial

Racial Violence in Monrovia,1,5814404.story

Trailer Park Owners Accused of Unsafe Conditions