Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ross Store Evacuated After Robbery

Lead In School Water Alarms Parents

Officials in LA City Hall Depict the San Fernando Valley as a Gang War Zone; Residents Say It's Not That Bad

People Nearing Retirement are Hit by the Bad Economy,0,595583.story

LA's Chinese Community Demonstrate at CNN's Hollywood Headquarters,0,6415623.story

Fears Arise Over Racial Tension and Gang Violence in LA's Poorest Schools,0,2139687.story

Once Again, the California Wildfires Have Started,0,5226792.story

Ethnic Tension Between Armenians and Hispanics

On April 24, ethnic tension erupted in Grant High School (my old school), between Armenian and Hispanic students during the commemoration of the Armenian genocide by the Turks in 1915.,0,4991993.story

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fear That New Jail in Mira Loma Could Increase Crime

Immigrant Rights Groups Charge Police with Singling Out Certain Groups of People

Report Finds LAPD SWAT Team to be "Insular, Self-Justifying and Resistant to Change."

Victims of 2005 Police Beating Win Big Settlement,1,5492287.story?track=rss

Mayor Asks for Tax Hike to Pay For an Expanded Police Force,1,4907504.story

Geologists Predict Southern California Could Experience Another Big Earthquake Within the Next 30 Years,1,5567448.story

The Steady Rise in Housing Foreclosures is Blamed for a Decrease in Property Values,0,1614205.story

Animal Shelter Supervisor Convicted in Sex Assaults,1,7340096.story

Toxic Carcinogen in the Air Around Riverside,0,152814.story

Thursday, April 3, 2008

It Doesn't Just Happen in Israel

In early March, a documentary entitled "South Central Farm" was released to the public documenting the life of this former farming community which had become a source of food and a tremendous economic asset to South Central Los Angeles. In 2006, LA authorities destroyed this peaceful community. Although there are many differences, similarities between this community and Gush Katif can also easily be seen. The following youtube links are not part of the "South Central Farm" documentary, but they are still worth viewing.

There is precedent. In 1947, a peaceful Mexican neighborhood in Chavez Ravine was destroyed and its inhabitants expelled in order for Dodger Stadium to be built.

2 Road Shootings on the 101 Freeway and in Long Beach Seem to be Unrelated

Glendale Cop, Shot by Dangerous Murder Suspect, Saved From Death by Bullet Proof Vest

Anthrax Hoax at the Port of Long Beach,1,4159952.story

LA Neighborhood, Once Thought to be Finally Gang-Free, Isn't After All,1,6706681.story

The Illegal Activities of "Private Eye to the Stars" Anthony Pellicano,1,6702911.storygallery

Police Detain 3 in Illegal Weapons Sales,1,4304791.story

Living in LA's Skid Row,0,1072762.story

Violence in South LA,1,4553144.story

Substitute Teacher in Azusa Arrested on Child Molestation Charges,1,942778.story

Go-Kart Rider is Shot Dead in Florence,0,4333471.story

Elementary School Teacher Arrested For Carrying Gun To Class,0,1165839.story

Orange County Sheriff Found Dead, Accused of Child Molestation,0,5180857.story